Get Ruthless in the Metaverse

about the project

Ruthless Rabbits is a collection of 10,000 uniquely designed NFT’s.  Through a proprietary intellectual process, our NFT collection boasts the ability to offer a one-of-a-kind investment return for its community, yet to be seen in the NFT space.  Holders of the NFT become actual shareholders and are given the ability to receive ongoing and monthly scheduled profit-sharing. 

This collection will be focused on its upcoming TV series broadcasted on a major streaming service and lead by a major Hollywood production studio. The Ruthless Rabbits NFT also raises the bar by ensuring innovation, security and full transparency, while creating this sustainable brand for years to come.


Our First BIG Objective

NFT Driven Animated Series

Experience being behind the scenes of an animated show. Holders will have access to IRL events, exclusive merch and more. Stay tuned for even more amazing updates about the show as we get closer to mint.


Total NFT Collection Supply: 10,000


2000 NFTs

Mint Price: $750 USD equivalent in ETH each

September 16


3000 NFTs

Mint Price: $1,100 USD equivalent in ETH each

October 7

Public SALE

5000 NFTs

Mint Price: $2,500 USD equivalent in ETH each