The year is 2042 and Ryken Striker is a young fighter pilot. He has discovered that there is corruption within his home planet’s counsel and the leader of the counsel is behind it. Because the leader of the counsel knows Ryken will try to stop the plans, Ryken is framed for crimes against his people and crimes he did not commit. Ryken must make the decision to escape his home and flees in his space cruiser. He plots his destination for a nearby planet where he has allies that may be able to help him.

During his escape he ends up taking a lot of damage to his cruiser. Struggling to get away he finds a hidden portal to jump through. It ends up being the wrong portal. Going through it with damage to his space cruiser he is forced to crash land on a nearby planet on the outskirts of a galaxy he is not familiar with. The planet is called ‘Earth’. On Earth, Ryken discovers a nearby city called New Miami. This place is unfamiliar to Ryken. He must find a place of refuge and a place to get parts to fix his space cruiser. Little does Ryken know that this is a run-down black-market city run by the local mob.

Entering the city, Ryken meets and finds refuge with a fellow rabbit named Lulu, surprised to find another rabbit far from home and from his home planet. Lulu left when she was very young and knows very little about the planet she is from. He makes a deal with Lulu, for him to stay with her grandfather (also sometimes called Old Rabbit) and her. He must work at the bar Lulu runs and owns. There are many different types of characters that frequent the bar. One night while working at the bar there is a fight that breaks out among the patrons. Pulling out his swords, Ryken tries to help and defend the bar by trying to stop the fight. Old Rabbit notices that the swords that Ryken is yielding are no ordinary swords. Old Rabbit under his breath mutters to himself “perhaps he is the one we have been looking for all along”. Ryken struggles to break up the fight, but Lulu is quick to stop it by calming down the patrons.

Shortly after everything settles down, Old Rabbit calls Ryken and says, “you need more training young one or you are going to get hurt, I will help you if you want to survive – in this city you need to be more RUTHLESS”. Old Rabbit explains that he is from a line of old warrior clan that no longer exist on their home planet. He offers Ryken help to train and fix his ship in exchange to help Lulu and him clean up the city. Ryken accepts and explains what has happened on their home planet and vows one day to go home and clear his name.