Asset 7

animiated tv series

In Q3-Q4 2022 alongside Project Z Entertainment we will work together with the highest caliber script writers, industry best visual artists and producers to start developing our TV series. There will be more details in Road Map 2.0

Asset 6

legal profit share

Holders will receive legal profit share from the trading volume, tv series and merchandise from the Ruthless Rabbits collection in Ethereum monthly. There will be a plan in place to develop out a deployment mechanism to pay our holders.

Asset 8


Our project will begin review and purchase of land in the Metaverse. As part of our METAVERSE 1.0 development, our team will start planning out in Q4 2022 how to best utilize the land for our community.

Asset 9

launch pad

Just like the name suggests. Launch Pad will be the way the Founders can help give back and support the community the best way we can. On an annual basis we will accept applications for new project ideas we can help fund and launch. We look to starting this in Q2-2023.